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A Better Way
Here at FashCon, we believe there is a better way to support the vintage fashion community. We’ve witnessed the issues our community has struggled with for more than a decade and we’re here to help.

We Sell Vintage Too
Yep, we’re vintage sellers. After decades of collecting vintage, we made the decision to start selling some of it and by 2010 our online vintage shop was our full time job. When we got started, the support and kindness we received from the vintage fashion community was invaluable, our tiny starter shop wouldn’t have survived without it. Over the last 10 years our business has grown into multiple prosperous shops and we knew we needed to find a way to give back to the wonderful community that helped create our success. FashCon is a way to pay back some of the kindness and support we’ve received from so many people throughout the last decade. You’ve helped us get on our feet and thrive, now we want to help you. 



Our Mission is to provide stability and support to the vintage fashion community.


Here’s how we plan to achieve this goal:

Create a safe and reliable shopping experience for vintage fashion buyers.
FashCon only allows approved sellers to open shops in the Fashion Constellate marketplace. We vet each seller to make sure that they’re selling true vintage clothing, dating items truthfully, taking professional images and clearly describing any flaws. Buyers can shop with confidence knowing that FashCon understands true vintage fashion and our approved sellers are required to uphold industry standards. 

Provide a stable platform for vintage fashion sellers.
We understand the difficulties of selling vintage online because we have been full time vintage sellers for over a decade. The founding of FashCon is a result of our own experience tackling the changing landscape of other marketplace options. When we reached out to our colleagues for advice on how to adapt to the ever changing environment, they were experiencing the same instability and fear that we were. Like us, they were constantly worried that their own business might not survive the next upheaval. It’s disheartening to watch your peers struggle through uncertain times, and we knew we wanted to help by creating a better marketplace option. Developing this website to focus on the needs of our specific product category will allow us to move the industry forward in a way that benefits everyone, including the small shops that are often overlooked and underserved by other selling platforms.

Maintain an ever expanding archive of information for vintage fashion research.
One of the biggest challenges in the vintage fashion community is finding reliable information about vintage fashion quickly and easily. FashCon wants to tackle this challenge by creating Fashion Conservatory, an easy to use archive of vintage fashion resources. We’re launching Fashion Conservatory with a Label Archive that currently includes more than 2,800 fashion labels and more than 55,000 garment images. We have developed Fashion Conservatory to organize a vast and ever expanding collection of resources for the vintage fashion community. We want to provide users with reliable information and advice about caring for vintage fashion to help subscribers learn about general care, laundering, and proper storage techniques for their vintage goods. Visual data archives are in the works as well, including found photograph archives, collections of product images and other educational resources. 

Customer Service that understands vintage fashion.
Our vintage fashion business has an active shop on Fashion Constellate that serves as a training ground for new FashCon employees. All of our team members are trained in managing this shop before moving to FashCon customer service. They learn to handle, clean, steam, photograph, measure and describe vintage garments. They list products, answer customer questions, pack and ship sold items and handle returns. Our staff understands your needs because they have first hand experience in this business. They are also able to provide insight into website development, letting us know where things are working and where improvements can be made.


We’re here to help.

This website exists because of our desire to provide stability and support to our friends and colleagues in the vintage community.
We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how to make this website a stronger, more complete resource.
How can we help you?


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