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A destination for the vintage fashion community.

Founded by vintage fashion business owners, FashCon was created to serve the
needs of the vintage fashion community. One website with two divisions, we aim
to provide a stable platform for buying, selling and researching
vintage fashion. Working together we can save these treasures for
generations to come.

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True Vintage Shopping

    Online vintage clothing shopping has just gotten easier. Fashion Constellate is a platform designed specifically for vintage fashion seekers. Our search engine was created to get you the results you’re looking for, true vintage clothing from reliable sellers.

Universal size charts, condition charts and policies create a transparent and reliable buying experience.

Our listing layouts are consistent between sellers and vital information will be located in the same place, every time.

The ability to sort by era, size and condition will help you narrow down your selections with ease.

fashion consveratory
Vintage Fashion Research

    We are continuously gathering knowledge and information to create an easy to search, accurate source for vintage fashion research and education. Whether it’s learning about a new label you’ve discovered or finding the newest tricks for storing your collection, we want to help!

Fashion Conservatory will be offering a Label Archive at launch containing thousands of labels and tens of thousands of garment photos. Our goal is to cultivate an ever expanding resource that will grow alongside the marketplace.

Let’s work together to keep these fashions ready to wear for future generations.