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I apologise that we can’t add any more designers to the group at the moment. Please watch this page for news on when this situation may change.

For a long time I’ve been struggling with ill-health while my staff members valiantly struggled on to keep FashCon afloat, and managed it. The work of the content moderator and kiosk maintainer is considerable and I’ve been paying them a salary for their work from funds raised from kiosk sales; this hasn’t balanced for a long time, leaving me at a loss for the running of this group. Not wanting to push up kiosk cost, something had to give.

I wish to thank hugely Sun and Ivy for such long dedication in acting as content moderators and advisors for this group. As of last week, they’ve vacated these posts, and as such the group notices are currently not moderated. This coupled with the lack of balance in finances means I don’t feel justified in asking designers to pay for kiosks at the moment so have closed sales for now.

PK is currently my kiosk maintainer, but I’ve informed her I need to stop selling kiosks and processing new designers for now. Please don’t pester her about this – it’s my decision as I don’t wish to keep taking money for something I can’t maintain as well as before. Also note that I am rarely in world right now, and largely unavailable. Please don’t feel it’s personal if you contact me and I don’t reply.

For those who have purchased kiosks in the last 2 weeks (5th-18th August 2011) I feel it’s only fair to offer a refund if you feel your purchase is not worthwhile bearing in mind the current lack of moderation and admin. Please send a notecard inworld with a copy of your transaction for your kiosk purchase.

For everyone else: FashCon has been a very significant part of my life, and a great joy since I started it in 2006 as a small idea that shocked me in getting so big. Second Life has moved on hugely since then, and it’s been a thrill to watch. I thank profusely everyone who’s supported FashCon and myself for so long, and can only apologise that my circumstances don’t currently allow for more. The group will remain open for now, and existing designers may post, and I hope for the sake of the community self-regulate enough during this period to maintain the group’s usefulness and sanity.

Wishing you all very good health and remember: love the ones you’re with.


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