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Hello my fellow fashionistas.  I wanted to come by and introduce myself, and say thank you to Honey for trusting me with the content moderator role.  I will not let her down.

As your new content moderator, I honestly hope I have no reason to send out a bunch of friendly reminders of the FashCon posting rules, nor do I wish to be suspending a lot of people.  I would love it if you simply IM’d to say hello and introduced yourselves!  I am friendly and don’t bite.  Not hard anyway *grin*.   I am open to answering questions about notice content, and would much rather answer questions than send out the no no notices.  :-)

I do absolutely love seeing all of your notices with the fabulous new releases that all of our designers put out, but I do not enjoy seeing the same notices over and over again each week.  A busy girl can’t keep running to the same stores repeatedly lol.  I also greatly appreciate the beautiful pictures of the new goodies.  I will be keeping a close eye on things, so no trying to sneak things past the new kid.  I do have 20/20 vision in both worlds.  On that note……………. I think it’s time to grab the latest notice and head out shopping!

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I’d like to welcome a new member of Fashion Consolidated staff and introduce her to you all: Sun Michalski has recently been appointed as FashCon’s new content moderator. Sun takes over the role from Dove Perlmann who did a wonderful job in helping to advise and maintain the group’s standard for posting notices and keeping content readable and useful – thank you Dove! Sun has valiantly stepped into the role, and I’m very pleased to have her on board.

Sun Michalski, FashCon's new Content Moderator

Designers will (hopefully!) be aware what the content moderator does, but buyers may not be. Briefly, Sun’s role is to ensure that FashCon’s standard’s are met in terms of the content that you see when you receive a notice of a new fashion release.

These are summarised on the rules page on this website: rules such as ensuring that no one designer sends too many notices, that content is what you expect when you join, i.e. of new fashion releases (not tables or penguins, unless you can wear them), that you get a nice picture of the new release in the notice, etc. With so many notices, this can be quite a task, and Sun (and Dove and Ivy before her) has to do this retroactively at the moment, by examining the archive of notices and apply our standard procedure of notifications if designers depart from the standard.

We hope to do this in a friendly way – but if designers consistently break these rules, it’s important for group cohesion that we act to maintain quality of notices, and occasionally we will suspend or ban people who refuse to play ball. This hopefully keeps the group relevant and useful for you all!

So please welcome Sun if you see her in the Cafe and buy her a latte, and be nice to her if you’re a designer who she needs to speak to about notices. She’s only doing her job! Blame me.

While I’m on the line, if anyone is interested in a little FashCon history, there’s an article on FashCon in this month’s Maniera magazine along with a very lovely cover shot wearing Kimmera Madison creations. Photographer AtomicSparkle Skytower did some lovely work inside too, making me look nearly presentable. You can read the article on their blog too, but go on, take a look at the pics!

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