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Dear reader,

You are cordially invited to the opening of a lovely new sim on Second Life called Vertigo at 3pm SLT tonight which is home to the new Fashion Consolidated HQ!  Drop in at the new FashCon HQ (picking up a free FashCon HUD if you don’t have one), proceed next door via the FashCon Cafe which has been transported brick by brick to live on a pier (with new fab lighting effects!) and amble along the beach past the huts to Vertigo’s HYDE club where the light fantastic will be tripped for a few hours starting at 3pm.

The new FashCon HQ is the place to go to inworld to buy a kiosk if you want to become a FashCon designer. If you’re a member of Fashion Consolidated and don’t have the FashCon HUD, it’s also available free there – click on the marked boxes on the floor and just wear the HUD once you get it. The HUD gives you access to thousands of designers’ shops, either in random mode to discover exciting new designers you missed, or to search for FashCon designers by name, sim, shop name etc. The HUD is updated every week – you’ll get free updates everytime you load it if available.

Take a landmark and feel free to pop into the new HQ, Cafe or just stroll around Vertigo anytime you want a peaceful quiet sim with only a slight risk of your toes being nipped off by crabs. If you get tired feel free to pick up a rowing boat and pop into my new holiday home over the water!  It’s the one with the very loud trees.

Finally a big thank you to Galea Yates for providing space on her lovely new sim for Fashion Consolidated.

See you tonight at 3pm!


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