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Ivy, Honey and PK with wet knees

Ivy, Honey and PK with wet knees

Christmas Eve, and Honey and the staff at Fashion Consolidated would like to wish you all a very chic Christmas and fashionable New Year!  2008 has been a crazy year for Fashion Consolidated: we passed 10,000 members and are on the cusp of 2000 registered designers! Guess why? Because of you! My biggest thanks to everyone who has supported FashCon through the last two years, buyers, designers, members of the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group, for kind people who take the time to drop in feedback, for people who have volunteered help, mopped the floors, and most of all given me little hugs.  They’re my favourite of all.  Also of course to my staff members, Ivy and PK, who are even prepared to lie down in the snow for me.

With major projects of 2008 over for me, in 2009 I want to concentrate more on aspects of re-adjusting to the wonderful growth of FashCon, to work hard on making it more readable, targetted and useful to you all.  I have lots of new ideas for features in the pipeline, which you’ll hear more about soon I hope.  Please be patient if some changes occur! I will undoubtedly make mistakes and require hugs.

A quick note on what’s happening in-world.  The FashCon Cafe on Le Zoo will close very soon – half the walls are missing anyway, I think the mice set in. But fear not! There’s a whole new Fashion Consolidated HQ opening up on a new wonderful sim called Vertigo, and the cafe is already reconstructed on a beautiful seaside pier nearby. I’ll send out more information soon. In the meantime, if you’re a member and trying to pick up the free FashCon HUD and the old cafe disappears, they’re now available on XstreetSL/SLX and Onrez for free!  Just pop to either page and pick one up – with it you’ll have access to nearly every designer on FashCon, to visit in crazy random “wow look what I found!” tours, bus tour mode to join fellow travellers, search for designer/shop/sim etc. Once you have it it will update automatically each week with all designers. Did I mention it was free? Oh yes.

Support for your queries will be limited in the next week or so, so please be patient!  Remember I only do support via notecards and if you have questions about kiosks, speak to PK Emmons first please, or questions about notice content etc, Ivy Norsk.

I will be more present in 2009 so beware! I will be stalking your notices and twiddly knobs on the big FashCon machine in the FashCon basement. Hopefully I won’t break anything but things do need a twiddle or two. In the meantime have a lovely holiday and a New Year that’s so happy you nearly pee.

Honey Fairweather xxx

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