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Dear friends, shoppers, designers,

People are becoming confused as to what is permissible and not on FashCon.  We’re seeing lots of multiple notices, the dreadful and annoying “forgot the landmark oops” notices, and a massive increase in notices about furniture and advertisements of rental space.  People see one notice and think it’s okay because other people are doing it.  It isn’t.  Also, because, I, Ivy, write the “don’t do that notes” quietly behind the scenes, people may not realize that these rules are actually enforced – by warnings, then suspensions, and ultimately by dropping the vendor.  I am being kept exceptionally busy these days writing those notes.

I want to do a short review of the Fashion Consolidated rules in a shorter form than may be found on our website (http://fashcon.com/faq), for easy reading.

1.  only One notice per week

2.  that notice must be about a New Release

3.  you must include a Picture of your lovely New Release

4.  your New Release must be avatar-wear

Now what does that mean about all those sales, freebies, and hunts (especially since we’ve moved into Halloween hunting season).  What I tell designers is that as long as they have a new release – a real one, not just a here today gone tomorrow freebie – they can say some other things in their notices.  They are allowed to talk about their hunt, their lucky chair, and the sale they are running.  They are even allowed to Mention (just mention) that they sell other things like furniture.  But they are not allowed to turn a  new release into an excuse to present a notice filled with landscaping or rental details.

If you see a notice that violates that, I would ask that you refrain from yelling at that person in IM.  That’s My job.  You, our lovely shoppers, should just ignore it and be civilized and oh-so-well-dressed.

Now I know, Halloween being upon us, that there are going to be a lot of “illegal” items presented, like pumpkins.  (Can you wear a pumpkin?  Sometimes you can if it’s designed that way.)  Please designers, remember that FashCon is for avatar-wear.  And yes, there is definitely a market for Halloween costumes.

Enjoy your shopping.


Ivy Norsk

Content Moderator, Fashion Consolidated

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