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Apologies to all designers whose FashCon kiosks are complaining in IM today. The error isn’t yours, it’s ours. It looks like my scripter might have pushed out an update that wasn’t fully tested for all cases. I hate spam and I’m really sorry!

This will be fixed as soon as I can get my scripter back online, who I am trying to contact now, as soon as I can. In the meantime, sorry for the lack of personal response – I have a ton of IMs and notecards mounting.

If you choose to set scripts to not running in the kiosk or mute it, PLEASE make some kind of super big notice to turn it back ON tomorrow. I don’t recommend this (and please don’t ask how!) as if the kiosk has a problem later and doesn’t talk to the server, you’ll be dropped as a designer because it will assume you’re de-rezzed it. Which we don’t want!

Working on it fast as I can. Join the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group if you want updates on this problem. Please don’t change a thing in your kiosks. Apologies that I can’t reply to personal IMs just now – there are more than 1000 of you. Again – I’m really sorry!


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For those FashCon members who have been living in a glamourously decorated cave, the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group is a subsidiary group to Fashion Consolidated, free for all to join, which allows you to “opt-in” to chatting with your fellow FashCon members who like a good blab (like me).  Implementing this via two groups is a workaround until LL implement my JIRA at SVC-2820 to allow us all (and anyone on SL) to choose whether to participate in or mute group IMs without leaving a group – probably scheduled for implementation in about 2055 the way things look.  So the Cafe exists as somewhere where you can talk fashion freely with very few restrictions if you want to.

When I set up the Cafe aeons ago, I confess that I thought it would just be an exhaust valve for a few people who were frustrated that group IMs were forbidden (for practical reasons) in main FashCon. What actually happened was that 1000 people joined, meaning that it turns out that 10% of FashCon people love a good natter.  And what also happened was that it turned out to be a lovely community of itself.

This preamble is to explain to baffled newcomers what “the Cafe” means whenever people in FashCon refer to it.  To join just type “Fashion Consolidated Cafe” in the Group tab for Search, click the group name, click “View Full Profile” and click “Join” (yeah.. I’m thinking “One-click” too).  What follows under the cut is a seemingly unnerving rare notice I sent to the Cafe today to ensure that all remains harmony and light, and you don’t need to read it unless you’re a member. Don’t let it put you off – the Cafe is a lovely place.  Try it and see!

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