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This post is directed to designers only :) It comes from a notice I sent at 4am as the result of seeing the third notice this week from a designer advertising sofas and chairs. *Cough*

Hello! This notice comes to you from the Department of the Bleedin’ Obvious.

Sofas are not fashion. They may be fashionABLE, but then so are opinions. If you’re a designer and thinking of following the latest trend and sending a notice about a household item STOP! Try wearing that sofa on your head first and see how chic you look.

Seriously. When you joined FashCon, you were asked to read the FAQ and not join unless you understood the rules and liked them. We need to focus! FASHION!

Said lovingly :) H

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Just a quick note to say I won’t be around until mid next week, so please don’t pace the room angrily if you contact me and don’t get a reply til towards the end of next week. As always my trusty staff will deal with your problems – please contact them:

Ivy Norsk: content issues, spam, piracy, notice content etc.
PK Emmons: kiosk issues, buying, becoming a designer, etc.

As always please note that if you do contact me, always send notecards!  I can’t deal with the flood of IMs with 9000 of you out there now, and my IMs are always capped overnight. Please don’t IM me as a non-reply sometimes unintentionally offends.

If you sent me a notecard this week I will try to deal with it tonight, but if it’s worthy of a longer reply, I beg your patience. Thank you!

Oh and.. if you want to take a peek at the new kid on the block. Bet you don’t stay there long!


Honey <3

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