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Hi everybody. As some of you know, I am the kiosk maintainer for Fashion Consolidated. For those that did not get the info, I am the person that you should contact if you are experiencing any problems with your kiosks or difficulties with your applications to FashCon as designers. Basically I am here to provide help, add new designers and make sure that your kiosks are correctly configured and working properly. When it comes to notice content, Ivy Norsk is the person responsible for that.

All the new designers are added once a week, on Sunday. So if you have obtained a kiosk and configured it correctly, you will be set as a vendor then. If you are not sure if your kiosk is configured correctly, you can IM me or send me a notecard, I will check and get back to you right away.

Most importantly is that recently we made some changes to our kiosk system, and a lot of you have been receiving those scarry error messages. If this happens, there is no need to panic. Just let me know what error messages you are receiving and send me a copy of the “.User Settings” notecard from your kiosk, and I will fix the problem in no time.


PK Emmons

Fashion Consolidated Kiosk Maintainer

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Hi sweets! I’ve just added a new batch of designers to FashCon and updated the HUD. Get one free at the FashCon Cafe in the boxes on the floor outside, or if you have one, just load it and get an autoupdate!

Also – I am off SL Tuesday-Saturday (if I pop in for 2 mins, it’s an illusion and I am not on duty and won’t be replying!). For any queries please contact:
Ivy Norsk: content issues, notices, etc
PK Emmons: kiosks, buying, joining

Thanks all etc etc Honey mrrrow buzz bang crash

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Dearly beloved,

Honey suggested that I should introduce myself to you all. As you know, Honey Fairweather has been working herself silly for Fashion Consolidated, inventing it, getting it off the ground, and developing new projects within it like the kiosks and shopping HUD. To help with her overwhelming workload she hired myself and PK Emmons. PK is the new handy-dandy kiosk manager and I imagine that she will write a letter of introduction herself. I, Ivy Norsk, was hired to be the Mean One, the Content Moderator. I’ve been the job for 3 weeks, though the first week was spent just getting to know our designers and their posting habits via the notice archives.

I deal mostly with designers. I am the person who sends out upsetting notecards saying that your group notice was “non-conforming” in some way: it was just a landmark, or it wasn’t a new release, or you already sent one this week, or your notice was not about fashion avatar wear. In this position, I see myself rather as the strict librarian who scolds about overdue books. And it is a serious problem: the volume of notices that go out is HUGE, and we do not want FashCon to become like an advertisement flyer that people throw directly to trash. So, it’s my job to try to whip this group into something as focused and streamlined as it was originally intended to be: an in-world forum for new fashion releases.

People love Fashion Consolidated and the group has become a gigantic happy fashion hub where designers have begun to advertise events, freebies, and sales. Enterprising sorts have seen the large buying audience and snuck in whole notices about sofas, lighting, and the odd real estate offer. This must stop. Buyers are beginning to scream. Honey and PK and I dearly wish to retain the atmosphere of giddy shopping glee without the sense that everyone is being pelted.

I love designers, I love SL shopping, I love the quirky things that we can do and wear in SL. And I’m not naturally mean at heart. I know that SL does not deliver the notices to everybody, and that rule-abiding people forget to include the landmark sometimes or forget that they already posted a notice this week. I do provide herbal tea and hugs for the frazzled as much as possible. I encourage the zen mantra “peace, notecard, texture, landmark, Then post.”

If you have any questions about what content is pertinent under the FashCon group, ask me. I will accept IMs if I’m online usually, but they do cap. Notecards are more reliable.

For those of you – my fellow shoppers – who do not post group notices, I hope to chat with you in the excellent Fashion Consolidated Cafe group.

Yours most sincerely,

Ivy Norsk

Fashion Consolidated Content Moderator

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