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Hey all. This really will be quick. I’ve added this week’s designers, the HUD now contains 400 shops for you to faint over. To get your updated HUD just load your old one or go to the FashCon Cafe!

Secondly, I’ve been contacting designes ALL WEEK who send landmark-only notices, and I feel your pain as shoppers. If you’re a designer, buyers tell me they don’t buy from stores that just send LMs. I’ve asked this ad nauseam. Please take note. Only I’m allowed to send them. Raa!


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Hey all. How are you? Wow I need a cuppa.

See below for news on new designers and the HUD, FashCon kiosks, copyright and piracy claims, and how not to contact me.

New designers and HUD

After 8 solid hours of working on FashCon with my faithful scripting friend and hero, I’ve come to realise that what we’re trying to do with FashCon kiosks and the HUD is scarily bleeding edge for rubbish old SL: her brilliant scripts are constantly finding new ways to make the crappy tricycle of LSL work on a motorway. We’ve had quite serious problems with getting the kiosk system to handle the number of designers (which took a day or two to solve, again) and then the HUD exploded in pink smoke when I added the latest load of new designers. My ever inventive friend is currently boiling up test tubes in her evil lab and is confident we can make it work again, but for now, please note that the new FashCon HUD has “Random” and “Sort” mode removed to make it work. Her work is quite brilliant, she is wonderful and responsive, and you have no clue how clever she is in fixing the bits that LL broke, constantly.

Tour Bus Girls

This doesn’t matter much as “Bus Tour” mode will give you random shops anyway, but they’ll be back soon I think. I’ve also jiggled up the current list of shops in the HUD so it’s random anyway. Go on a Bus Tour with the girls from 3B! /me wipes her hands on her skirt.

So – all you need to do is load up your FashCon HUD and it’ll send you the new version. Unload your old one and load the new one and you have 61 new locations on your list. Yay! If you don’t have a FashCon HUD, they’re all the rage – 650 distinct people used it last week – and all you need to get one is to click any FashCon kiosk inworld, or visit the FashCon Cafe.

If you’re an existing designer and want links on the website (see the Who page) and a place on the HUD, please sign up for the new system – see the Apply page.


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Two recent notices:


Designers: Valentines is likely to be a busy time for notices, so *please

* triple-check you added all the information you need to before pressing Send. Duplicate notices wear people down. Fresh-as-a-daisy shoppers will appreciate your notices more. And please! No notices with just landmarks!! Angry little Honeyhttp://fashcon.com/news – argh.


I’m not sure how to not sound like a teacher, but since I reminded designers 3 days ago that the group rules they signed up to ask for NO landmark-only notices, about 20,000 have been sent. This Will Not Do and I’m pretty tired of IMing each and every one, so i’ll be removing designers who keep doing it from now on.

It’s in the FAQ, always has been, and if you didn’t read it you broke it. Don’t do what others do, follow the rules. That’s a rule too.

The rest of you I adore, so please ignore my moan. x

Here’s why it matters to you:

[17:37] Rav Hartunian: I like pics of pretty things to buy
[17:37] Hibiscus Flossberg: I’ll say it again here… If I get any LM-only Notices or just pictures or notecards with no pictures… I DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. If you don’t show me what you are selling I don’t come to your store.
[17:41] Tamsin Starbrook: for me it’s, no piccy, no looky

Response to landmark-noticers I sent is below the cut, if anyone I sent to missed it (mild grr, followed by whimper).


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FashCon on MetaNetwork News

FashCon’s Rezday celebration and FreeDay was featured on MetaNetwork News this week by reporter Angie Mornington. Just click on the main page and watch the video or scroll through – Fashion Consolidated is the closing feature. Thanks Angie!

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New designers on the loose

I’ve just added 50 new designers to FashCon so watch out! It’s raining frocks. You’ll find the new designers on the FashCon Who page and in the FashCon HUD so hop on the bus! If you don’t have a copy of the HUD grab it free from any FashCon kiosk inworld, or in the boxes outside the FashCon Cafe.

Thank you also the existing designers who bought kiosks – you’ve been added to the HUD and full SLurl/vendor links to the website so expect bus passengers to arrive soon! Existing designer who want the new website/HUD features or who wish to help my administratively tired fingers please consider moving to the new system.

If you have a copy of the HUD, and my goodness old ones will be SL collectors items soon on Ebay, then just load it up and it’ll politely shove a new version of itself into your inventory, like some weird and creepy alien coming out of your stomach.


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Wakey wakey FashCon, sit up, here’s your coffee. And here’s the NEWS!Coffee mug

Firstly I just added a whole lot of new designers to FashCon. Welcome to all the new designers! Check the FashCon Who page to see who’s been added.

As before, I’ve asked them to not all announce on the same day but passed on a schedule to space out “hi!” notices throughout the week, so we don’t get a deluge, and you all get tasty new fashion goodness every day. If you find a new designer you like, please say hi from FashCon to them – don’t be a grumpypants.


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This website isn’t currently a general fashion website, but today I’m using this platform in a way I don’t normally – to draw attention to a cause. Please bear in mind that I won’t be doing this in every case of charity, anti-piracy or other cause, and please do not send notices about causes to Fashion Consolidated if you are a designer – you will only kill your own audience and it’s a strict group rule not to promote your own cause, actionable with removal. Read this article to see why.

So exceptionally today I want to draw attention to the current wave of protests going on inworld concerning one very blatant case of piracy. It’s causing reaction all over the blogosphere and several designers have already decided to withdraw their lines or close shop in protest. Details in the above links to some action being taken to aid awareness of this – if you agree with these lines of action, you may wish to join in. I don’t personally arbitrate individual tit-vs-tat piracy cases on the group for reasons explained in the FAQ but I fully support moves for a more robust fair handling by LL of blatant cases of theft.


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