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Hello all! I just want to wish you all a HAPPY FASHCON REZDAY. FashCon was born a year ago tomorrow, so to celebrate, I propose a FashCon Free Day! Free as in:

  1. Any designer who has good quality freebies they feel they want to share please post them tomorrow (30th)!
  2. For 24 hours only we suspend the 1 notice per week rule – a post tomorrow doesn’t count against your weekly limit IF!! it’s a Free Day Freebie for everyone.

No sneaking in a cheap nothing for a free post please! Nice things! Honey <3

P.S. Please put “FASHCON FREEDAY” at the start of your title in the notice you send so people can spot them easily. Also, if you have a normal release notice to send today, don’t worry just send anyway!

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Hello my sweets! This is a rather tired but happy notecard to update you frighteningly fashionable set with some new STUFFZ now that the new application system and HUD has rolled out. Read on for exciting new FashConnish things.

New Designers

FashCon Kiosks Vendor

Ok, the first news is that I’m so happy that so many new designers have joined, after the ginormous wait while I got the new system ready. And I’m amazed and pleased to say it works! Thank you everyone who’s joined, I’ve been overwhelmed (with work too, but that’s a good thing!). Expect to see a LOT of new designers showing you what they can do this week. Check out the new list on the Who page – the new additions are at the top, and as you can see my new system allows me to track and list SLurls (store locations), shop websites, website links like Onrez and SLX where you can also buy from them, etc. The system allows designers to update all these themselves, with changes updated by me at the weekend when I add new designers. SO! what this means is that any designer with a new kiosk has up to date details on the FashCon website now. Thank you new designers and welcome!


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Dearest FashCon.

This post is mostly for designers, and those wanting to apply for designer status on Fashion Consolidated. If you’re a designer wanting to apply to join FashCon, please see below. If you’re a buyer, there are just two quick announcements here:

FashCon HUD and FashCon Cafe

Firstly please try out the NEW FASHCON HUD! This is the first release a new tool free to all FashCon members that allows you to tour FashCon stores, take potluck random shopping trips and discover great new designers and soon (gasp!) synchronised tours all around the grid. Hoping for new features to be added too like searching. This fab tool comes as part of the new FashCon applications system described for new designers below, and currently contains some 50 stores that were part of the beta trial for the new system. It will grow rapidly as designers are added and you don’t need to download a new one when that happens – you’ll automatically receive one. It’s hard to describe, but I bet you’re going to like it. I’ve discovered a ton of new designers I love already. To get a HUD, tp to the landmark in the paragraph below, and click the small boxes that say “Free FashCon Tour HUD” on them. Then locate your HUD by searching for “FashCon Tour HUD” in inventory, right-click and “wear” it, hit Next, teleport and discover new shops!

Note that the location you arrive it depends on where the store owner placed their kiosk (if they placed it too close to a wall and you ended in the sea tell them!), and also on some rarer occasions, when a store is in a parcel with a fixed landing point. I can’t override the latter, but when you land, just follow the little red arrow you should see floating around and it’ll take you to the store. Secondly, there’s an auto tour mode in the HUD. It’s not quite ready yet, but when it is, I’ll let you know. It’s GREAT.

The second general thing of note is that I never did announce that FashCon has a CAFE now, in the shape of a small grubby diner at Le Zoo, complete with car crashes, grubby seats and small kitchen fires. I meant to organise some events to announce it but you know, time, meh. Come and muddy your couture skirts on its counter! Spill ketchup on your Versace!

Click here to visit the Cafe.

So if you’re not a designer, feel free to stop reading at this point and resume shopping. Those shoes look great on you, by the way.

New Designer Application System

Designers – as you all know, applications to be a designer on Fashion Consolidated have been on ice for a few months. A little history: with FashCon’s rezday rapidly approaching, it’s been a year now that I’ve been manually chasing FashCon administration, and in the last few months its popularity outstripped my ability to do this by hand. I chased my tail for a few months, but decided I was doing a disservice to a wonderful community in trying to keep up in an inefficient way. So I had to close applications in order to work on finding an alternative.


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Please take this the right way.

There has been an increase recently in designers sending notices about good causes: anti-piracy, pro-charity, etc. While I appeciate the intent is good, and support these causes, please understand that we have 650 designers all of whom have causes they believe in. If FashCon becomes a conduit for such, buyers will leave and we lose our focus. FashCon is specifically *not* a conduit for designers to talk to each other, but to buyers. Please check the faq, and don’t hate me.


P.S. I’ve had many responses to the notice above, a few examples below. Designers, please beware of how your well-meant but misdirected notices are being perceived and the effect on buyers to you personally and the group as a whole. Honey.

“Thank you, Honey, for your recent group notice. I was thinking about leaving the Fash Consolidated group precisely because of the innundation of messages unrelated to the buying audience and because of what increasingly looked like an abuse of the im channel for the same purposes. Your reminder to the designers to remember who the audience is (not them, but the buyer) is very much appreciated. Their designer-specific messages smack of spam to those of us who joined this group *solely* to learn about new fashion releases. Thank you again. Please do feel free to use my statement. I feel very strongly about this, and were it not for your reminder, I would have left.”

Group IM:
[9:01] Bara Hykova: causes on a different podium please
[8:58] Cakes Destiny: As a Buyer, I would like to say that I am sick and tired of getting what I DID NOT bargain for.
[9:22] JuliaLyn Demina: I second that Cakes !!!!
[9:22] Morgana Fillion: seconded. while you may think I *need* to know about all of this, I’m signed up to get fashion notices.

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