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A few quick bites from FashCon One. Just to emphasise at the top! Please do not IM or send notecards to Honey even if inworld from next Monday for 10 days – 1st to 11th October. Check her profile for when she’s back.

1. FashCon IM Helpers

I’ve asked a few people to help out with group IMs, so if you see members explaining group policy in IM, please give them room and do as asked. They have my blessing (and powers) and are doing a job on my behalf. You can always check if someone is an official FashCon IM helper by looking for their role on the group page – look for “FashCon IM Helper” – and you can IM them privately for help or advice on group IMs. But please read the FAQ first.


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Heya my chickadees! Group mum here. First an apology: due to Technological Difficulties I don’t seem to be able to type straight or move well on SL right now, so! It means I missed the boat in adding new designers this weekend and only just have. Til I find a fix, please expect delays, blockages, pile-ups and one-line replies. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you! Please only IM me for essentials *after* reading the FAQ – thanks YOU!


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Very big thanks for Galea and Stacea Yates of Fancy Schmancy for putting up a belt for sale for FashCon benefit (blogged by Ana Lutetia here). It’s a lovely idea and a lovely belt, if you ignore the dazed look in the eyed of the model, yours truly.

Griffe Belt by Fancy Schmancy

If you like the belt and would like to support FashCon go and take a look! And at the same time, go marvel at their beautifully textured store (really, it’s gorgeous just to sit in) and lovely collars and belts that Galea and Stacea make.

Griffe Belt at Fancy Schmancy

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Miss FashCon has a particular love for Japanese designers and so is very pleased to announce that two kind people are contributing Japanese translations of some of these webpages! My thanks to Estella Thereian and Nock Forager for this work! I’m happy to say we now have:

The FFAQ in Japanese

The Designer Application Page in Japanese

The Designers Welcome Page in Japanese (needs a password: just ask)

A link to a Japanese translation of my last notice (and others on the same site)

Honey xx

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