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Dear FashCon, I need a word with you.

In the last week, I’ve been pummelled to death with IMs, notecards and FashCon work. FashCon has always been a labour of love to me, and I still love it deeply, but the amount of time I’m now having to spend keeping it going isn’t sustainable.

I need your help. Your attention to these few things will make a big difference for me:


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Honey’s home. A lot of notices just now, and time we re-focussed on FashCon core values in the interests of those who join. I therefore ask that all designers concentrate back on new release notices, actually send pics of what’s new, and remember to keep to fashion and av-related items only. Most of you do, but just dropping a landmark with “come to my store!” isn’t FashCon – it’s about bringing new exciting fashion and av stuff to residents. Please make my life easy and stick to the core values. Thanks!


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